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Broadband connectivity and speeds in Spelthorne

Spelthorne Borough Council have released the figures of the latest research concerning broadband speeds within the borough. 

The table below shows a comparison between averages in your constituency and the UK as a whole.










The constituency has higher connectivity than the UK average on most of the measures listed above.

Average speeds are around 10% above the UK average. The constituency ranks 285th of 650 constituencies in the UK (in the top half of constituencies) on this measure, and 43rd of 85 in the South East. On superfast availability, the constituency ranks slightly better – with higher availability than around 75% of constituencies.

Looking at nearby constituencies – average download speeds are slightly higher in Feltham & Heston, Runnymede & Weybridge, Hayes & Harlington, Twickenham and Esher & Walton. However, Spelthorne has higher superfast availability than Feltham & Heston and Hayes & Harlington.

Ward-level Data

Constituency-level data can sometimes hide variation in different areas in the constituency. Because of this, I’ve included ward-level data below. The table below shows all data for all wards that are wholly or partly within the constituency.











Superfast availability is above 95% in eight of the constituency’s 13 wards. Riverside and Laleham ward has among the best superfast availability of all wards in Great Britain.

Sunbury East has the highest average download speeds, with speeds higher than over 75% of wards in Great Britain. All wards in the constituency rank in the top half of wards in Great Britain when ranked by average download speed.

Laleham and Shepperton Green has a high percentage of connections receiving the slowest speeds (under 2 Mbps). At 8.6%, this substantial minority is higher than over 85% of other wards in Great Britain.


Information about the data

The data is based on our analysis of Ofcom’s postcode-level open data. Ofcom collected and analysed data from major fixed telecoms operators (BT, Virgin Media, Sky, Talk Talk, Vodafone and KCOM). The availability data also includes coverage information provided by alternative network providers (Gigaclear, Hyperoptic, IFNL, B4RN and Relish).

Due to variations in broadband performance over time, the file should not be regarded as a definitive and fixed view of the UK’s fixed broadband infrastructure. However, the information provided may be useful in identifying variations in broadband performance by postcode and the impact of superfast broadband on overall broadband performance. Due to privacy concerns Ofcom did not present the information in postcodes with less than four broadband connections.



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