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Ace Resource

Contact: Denise Purssey
Cell Phone: 07740 621155 Home Phone: 01932 873539
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Biographical Info

Denise Purssey

 I have worked as an internal consultant, assessor, trainer and coach with a diverse range of organisations in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors in the UK.  I specialise in designing and delivering innovative people selection processes and development workshops with great sensitivity to the needs, interests, culture and values of the organisations and people I work with.

I bring practical, hands-on business experience into all aspects of my work.  BPS (British Psychological Society) qualified to use a wide range of aptitude, ability and personality measures with knowledge and experience in integrating world-class psychological assessment tools into my areas of expertise: assessment for selection and development; leadership development; talent management; team building; learning and development, facilitation and coaching.

My interest in stress began nearly 20 years ago using Cary Cooper’s OSI tool (Occupational Stress Indicator) which was useful at an organisational level but was not focused at individual needs.  The last 5 years working for an EAP provider has given me a more holistic view of stress and led to the development of workshops to help employees better understand the issues and build resilience to help maintain health and wellbeing.

I have delivered solutions for:

  • Defra: Design and delivery of business simulation for selection and promotion; training an internal team as assistant assessors.  Helped design and deliver workshops on Stress and Resilience across the UK
  • Defra Finance: Design and delivery of development centre and delivery of six month coaching programme for middle managers
  • South East Coast Ambulance Service: Design and delivery of Stress and Resilience workshops
  • Siemens: Helped design and deliver workshops on Stress and Resilience across the UK
  • NHS: Facilitator for the NESC Leadership programme and design and delivery of workshops on communication, conflict and change
  • Mars: Team-building workshops
  • FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office): Designed workshops delivered to staff in China and Hong Kong for better understanding of interpersonal styles, especially for communication and embracing challenge
  • CRC: Design and delivery of modular outplacement programme of six different workshops
  • Lloyds TSB: Ran a rolling five month assessment project to recruit frontline staff
  • Local Government Ombudsman: Help select HR Director and carry out role profiling for future Assistant Ombudsmen
  • Roche and other pharmaceutical companies: assessor for selection and promotion centres
Categories: Business Services, Education & Employment