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Sponsors needed

Specsavers Surrey Youth Games 2019

Team Spelthorne are looking for sponsorship for the 2019 Specsavers Surrey Youth Games. The annual event is the largest youth sport festival in Surrey with around 2000 young people taking part. In the run up to the event, Spelthorne Borough Council offer young people the chance to take part in 7 weeks of coaching in a number of different sports. These sessions offer the young people the opportunity to try new sports or improve their existing skills. From these sessions, teams are chosen to represent the borough at the games on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 June 2019 at Surrey Sports Park in Guildford.

Team Spelthorne had a hugely successful games in 2019, celebrated winning several medals and finished an impressive third place in the medal table, for the third consecutive year. Sponsorship helped to enable over 350 training places in Spelthorne to be filled, benefitting hundreds of young people, aged 7-16, from participating in sport.

Spelthorne Borough Council will continue to subsidise the coaching sessions for Team Spelthorne in the lead up to the event and we are keen to continue to offer the sessions at no cost to the participants. Therefore, we are looking for sponsors to provide £750 each to help cover the cost of the sessions. In return for this sponsorship, we can offer to print your logo on over 12,000 leaflets which go out to every school child in years 3-10 in Spelthorne. Additionally, we can put your logo on the Surrey Youth Games article in the Borough Bulletin which goes out to every house in Spelthorne and put a link to your website on the Spelthorne Borough Council website. Furthermore, we can print your logo onto the back of the Team Spelthorne T-Shirts which are worn by both the young people and coaches at the weekend event and often continue to be worn proudly after the games. You will also be invited to attend the competition weekend.

The Specsavers Surrey Youth Games is a fantastic opportunity for young people to be involved in sport in a fun and with your help, free, environment.

If you feel that you are able to help support Team Spelthorne in 2019 then I look forward to hearing from you. In order for us to uphold our offer of including your logo on our marketing material, I would be grateful if you can let me know Friday 15 February 2019. If you would like any further information about the Specsavers Surrey Youth Games or would like to discuss this opportunity then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Lewis Razey

Active Lifestyle and Wellbeing Officer


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News release

Heathrow expansion process – Spelthorne Council’s concerns

Cllr John Boughtflower, Chair of Spelthorne’s Heathrow Expansion Working Group, said:

“Today we are registering some major concerns with the expansion process that threatens the scheme’s credibility and timely deliverability. These concerns have been flagged over a prolonged period with HAL and we remain surprised that such shortcomings should exist at all in such an important scheme.

With only a handful of months before the formal statutory stage commences, we are taking this opportunity to urge colleagues at HAL to immediately remedy these significant shortfalls. Failure to do so will risk the underlying support our communities and businesses have in the airport’s expansion.”

Cllr Ian Harvey, Leader of the Council, said:

“This multi-billion pound construction project has the prospect of delivering significant economic benefit to both national and local economies. The scale of opportunity requires the commitment of all parties to genuinely work together to deliver these extraordinary opportunities whilst safeguarding the interests of the airport’s neighbours for generations to come.

We remain committed to engaging with HAL at strategic and operational levels to get this process right and that is why we have taken this unprecedented step to highlight publicly the major shortcomings that potentially jeopardise the very credentials of a successful expansion process. We trust HAL will take affirmative steps to address the highlighted concerns.”

Spelthorne’s five expansion process concerns

  • Be honest with communities

Recent HAL ‘targeted community engagement’ events have barely referenced construction, and where they did, it purely related to the 3rd runway and not the airport’s physical expansion. The portrayal of schematic ‘cartoon’ drawings and cross-sections misrepresented the massing and scale of what parking might be built. Along with various other ‘engagement’ shortcomings, Spelthorne (yet again) finds itself in the position of having to urge HAL, on behalf of our communities, to be more transparent with them about the potential impacts that could change the area close to their homes beyond recognition. Without open and meaningful consultation, our communities continue to be kept in the dark.

  • Get serious about sustainability

Spelthorne desires a successful and sustainable expansion for local and national economic interests. The Council fully understands that Heathrow’s expansion is a hugely complex project that is challenging to grapple with and demands an extraordinary level of scrutiny and assessment to safeguard local community and business interests. Spelthorne has worked hard over the last year to foster a number of development proposals that would secure the delivery of a successful expansion without ratcheting costs and major displacement. Spelthorne asks HAL to become much more receptive to proposals – including our Southern Light Rail scheme – that would make expansion more cost-effective, sustainable and critically less impactful upon the Borough whilst meeting National Policy Statement objectives set by the Government for expansion.

  • Plenty of pain – where’s the gain?

Despite highlighting a number of actions that need early implementation to safeguard community interests, HAL has constantly resisted and refused to be party to the commissioning or timely consideration of these measures. Spelthorne urges HAL to recognise that the best time to have started planning for community safeguarding measures was a year ago when Spelthorne first raised them. The second best time is now!

  • No public subsidy

 As Cllr John Boughtflower, Cabinet lead for Heathrow has said, “this is no ordinary development; it is an extraordinary scheme of national importance” and that is why he has chaired the Council’s dedicated Heathrow expansion team for over a year, working on robustly scrutinising emerging expansion proposals. However, contrary to assertions made by the Prime Minister, the Secretary of State for Transport and HAL’s own Chief Executive, expansion is far from being advanced at “no cost to the British taxpayer”. Our scrutiny costs are not insignificant. Spelthorne Borough Council does not want taxpayers to subsidise HAL’s expansion process. Spelthorne will continue to seek HAL’s financial commitment to meeting this locally crucial work without recourse to local taxpayers or impinging community services.

  • Enough expansion ‘smoke and mirrors’

Recently, HAL has suggested that it can shave £2.5 billion and deliver ‘expansion’ for £14.7 billion, though there is no clarity whatsoever as to what will this sum actually delivers beyond the 3rd runway. With the cost of the 3rd runway estimated at circa £300 million, that leaves an outlay of £14.4 billion that is unknown. Spelthorne asks that HAL publicly declare the ‘true’ cost and scale of expansion alongside the phasing of terminal campus construction, transport and parking provision and passenger throughput per year. In the absence of this clarity, all stakeholders – from communities to airlines – will continue to be hampered in properly assessing the long-term impact, affordability and value-for-money of the proposed scheme.

HAL’s post-Brexit expansion plans

Heathrow Airport Ltd (HAL) is a £2.9 billion turnover business. In 2018 it paid £500 million in dividends to its predominantly overseas shareholders. Its largest shareholder, Spanish-owned infrastructure specialist Ferrovial, moved its international headquarters from the UK to Amsterdam following the Brexit referendum. Because HAL operates an aviation-hub monopoly, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) regulates its asset base.

Heathrow remains the busiest UK airport. From currently serving 80 million passengers with 480,000 flights per year, Heathrow expansion plans are to serve 130 million passengers with 700,000 flights per year. Expansion is wholly reliant on securing planning permission in the form of a Development Consent Order. As probably the largest privately financed infrastructure project anywhere in the world at present, HAL has a £260 million budget approved by the CAA to spend on securing its expansion development consent.

HAL’s expansion infrastructure and cost

Infrastructure to support expansion is reliant on a 3rd runway as well as a new terminal (T6), together with expanded and refurbished existing terminal capacity encompassing T2, extended along its length and connected with three further new pier buildings. The expansion construction timeline extends to 2038 and beyond.

HAL’s expansion was originally stated to cost £31 billion: made up of a £17.6 billion ‘scheme capex’ and a £13.4 billion ‘core capex’. The two are interdependent, as HAL would not build new terminals without a new 3rd runway and vice-versa. Additionally, HAL also planned a separate £16.5 billion sum for ‘asset replacement’ to maintain their asset base. In total a planned £47.5 billion spend by 2048.

Note to Editors – Sources

All costings contained within this press release are from Government, Civil Aviation Authority and Heathrow Airport Limited publically available reports, the source of which are referenced below:

Civil Aviation Authority – CAP1658 (2018)

Page 29, 2.8: HAL’s Westerly Option (updated plan put forward by HAL in December 2017)

Page 97, para 5: “The forecast for capex we [CAA] used for the development of the Westerly Option analysis is based on an envelope based around expenditure of £45.3bn between 2017-2048 (in 2014 prices) which was developed by HAL for the purposes of its engagement with airlines.”

Page 98, figure B.2: HAL’s Westerly Option has been graphed to illustrate the capex forecasts being spent over time and it totals £31bn

Heathrow Airports Limited – Jacobs Leigh Fisher Report (2015)

Page 13: scheme capex of £17.6bn scheduled over time (principally 2019 to 2027)

Appendix E, page 2: core capex of £13.4bn scheduled over time (principally 2024 to 2036)

Appendix C, summary cost analysis of scheme capex

The Airports Commission Final Report (2015)

Page 224 detailing Scheme capex (£17.6bn) Core capex (£13.4bn) Asset replacement (£16.5bn)

Heathrow Airports Limited – Taking Britain Further (2014)

Volume 1, pages 360 to 364: detailing HAL’s timetable for increasing terminal capacity to 130mppa by 2036

Volume 3, pages 44 to 46: detailing HAL’s construction schedule for the expansion programme.

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EM3 Growth Hub – January Newsletter

    January Newsletter

Welcome to our first newsletter for 2019.

February 2019 sees the start of the Brexit Clinics across 14 councils in Surrey and Hampshire with the first being on the 8th February in Guildford and in Test Valley on the 26th February. We will have speakers and opportunities for 1 to 1 sessions around risk assessment, scenario setting, EU citizens, importing/exporting/transporting, haulage permits and ports in the area, customs/tax changes to the way your business operates in the EU, regulation and standards.

To book please check our events page A great variety of information can also be found on our Brexit toolkit detailed below.

Further details for the first 2019 Silicon Drinkabout, Global Gaming Jam and how you can access Capital Growth Funding from EM3 Local Enterprise Partnership can also be found below.

To find out more about how we are supporting businesses please call or email me on



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Limeyard Offer


 The month of LOVE is here.

Whether you’re looking to impress that special someone or show a friend how much they mean to you,
what better way to do so than over a…

Full Yard of TACOS!!

Dine with us between 14th – 17th February & receive two complimentary Limeyard Royals when purchasing a full yard of tacos.

Simply quote “lovelimeyard” on arrival to redeem.

Ealing, W5 5DB
020 8567 9056

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Surrey DWP update

Employment Figures

The UK has continued to beat its own record-breaking job figures with a new record employment rate of 75.8% and 32.53 million people in work in November, more than ever before. The unemployment rate remained at a joint 43-year low of 4.0%, with the youth unemployment level having almost halved since 2010 and female employment at a near record high of 71.2%.


DWP Visiting

There is now a page on to give customers information about our visiting service, who might be eligible, what to expect and checking the visit is genuine.


Universal Credit

A reminder that from 1 February 2019, any new claims for Universal Credit can be made regardless of the number of children in the household. Previously, claimants with more than 2 children continued to claim tax credits and this is no longer necessary.

Locally the Partnership team are still busy delivering Universal Credit awareness sessions to our various partners. If you think this is something your team or organisation could benefit from, please feel free to get in touch.

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Young Womens Trust

Do you work with young women aged 16-30? Young Women’s Trust are an organisation who offer tailored support to women in this age group regardless of whether or not they are in work. Their ‘Work it Out’ service focuses on confidence and employability through coaching and mentoring. This can be accessed by phone or online and is free to use. The support can be personal – mental health/wellbeing etc, or practical help – looking at CV’s, preparing for an interview.

Louise’s story – “I met YWT at the job centre, I was signing on and doing work experience there too. I had an interview – an assessment day with PWC and was really nervous, so the coaching seemed like a good idea. I worked on talking about my skills and abilities, and how to demonstrate them, and got the job. After the interview I was able to utilise the techniques my coach taught me – it was all transferable. It’s helped me be able to talk to my colleagues and peers in the new job. I was self-conscious because they all went to Oxford or Cambridge and I felt I didn’t have as much to offer, but I can talk about my own experiences and skills more clearly and with confidence now.”

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My Way In – Making your job work for you


My Way In is a new website that aims to help people understand the skills needed for different jobs across sectors with some of the highest number of jobs available right now. Top tips, video case studies and ‘how to’ guides are featured on the website to encourage customers to consider applying to new roles on the Find A Job website.

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